Finding Your Light

We all have this beautiful light within that shines brightly and guides us on our path. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control (and some within our control), that light dims and is hard to find in the chaos of our daily life.

The Finding Your Light course is about reigniting that beautiful spark within you, helping you find your light, and help others find their light as well. Your light is a lighthouse others seek to find their way in the storm. When your light is dim, how can you be who you are supposed to be or help others on their path?

During these courses, we will use meditations, writing, introspection, and connection with our Highest Self. We will work on removing the “junk” that has accumulated, dimming our light, lifting the weight of our experiences so we can shine. Having connection with our Highest Self increases our light beyond this world. We are infinite beings. It is time to release your illusion of limitations and of who you think you are. Reach for the stars because that is where you will find your light!

You are ready for this, and we are here to help. -J.T. Baptista

This is an online course, so anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet can access the series.
Cost: $20 per course subject

Each Course Subject Contains:
Monthly Meditation mp3
Instruction Worksheet pdf
Audio instruction mp3

The course material will be available 24/7 so you will have access to it whenever it is convenient for you!

Buy one, two or all! There are no limits!