Instructor: Sarina Baptista

Reiki Connects You to Source

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Receiving a Reiki Attunement will:

  • Open you to the Universal Life Force healing energy
  • Allow you to use Reiki to help heal yourself
  • Allow you to use Reiki to help heal others, including animals
  • Raise your vibration

Using Reiki to help heal yourself and others

When I began to use Reiki, I could feel it in my hands. They got tingly and hot. Then when I put my hands on my head, I could feel the energy going through my body. I was astounded and how wonderful I felt after a self-treatment. I decided I needed to introduce others to this powerful energy.

I began my Reiki practice and continued to receive other attunements. With each attunement, I felt the Reiki energy coming through my hands and body was getting stronger and stronger. I was becoming an incredible healer — rather the Reiki energy for which I was the conduit had incredible healing power. I was told by my Master guides that I needed to become attuned as a teacher so I could pass on this healing technique to others.

Why get attuned?

If you are already a healer, receiving a Reiki attunement will allow you to use the Universal healing energy instead of your own! Using Reiki actually re-energizes you with this Life Force Energy as you are giving it to your client! Not very many healing modalities do this, so getting a Reiki attunement is a great addition to your healing toolbox.

That is why I believe all children should receive a Reiki attunement. So many of these amazing kids are already healing, but they are draining their own energy instead of using Source energy.

I offer special classes for kids just for this reason. See Kids Corner for information on Reiki attunements for children.

A Reiki Attunement also raises your vibration permanently to a higher level! The attunement opens the Reiki channels in your body and allows you to connect to Source, God, the One, whatever you call that power greater than yourself, so you can get clearer answers.

If you do not consider yourself a healer, but would like to take your own health back and be more in control of what happens with and to your body, Reiki is a great place to start.

Usui Shiki Ryoho

I teach Usui Shiki Ryoho. This is a type of Reiki taught by Dr. Mikao Usui.

I became a Master Teacher after receiving four levels of attunements and training. It is very important to get more Reiki Master Teachers attuning others in this time of tremendous change, so I have kept the pricing for attunements and training as low as I can.

If you make the commitment to take both the Advanced Reiki Training and Master Teacher Training, I only charge $600 for both classes instead of $675, saving you an additional $75.

You do not have to become a Master Teacher if you decide it is not the direction you wish to go, but I would suggest you at least get Reiki I attuned. This will allow you to heal yourself and others, it will raise your vibration, and open you up spiritually.

Heart Centered Reiki

During the Heart Centered Reiki class you will receive the attunement, then we practice how to use the Heart Centered Reiki symbol in your healing sessions. It is a very powerful, healing addition to your incredible work. The attunement also raises your vibration and assists with your personal heart healing.

Prerequisite: To attend, you must be a current Reiki practitioner. It does not matter what level or lineage, as long as you have been attuned to use Reiki healing on others. If you are not a Reiki practitioner and are interested in the Reiki I class, click here to express interest in taking a Reiki class.

For the current Heart Centered Reiki Workshop schedule, click here.

Psychic Reiki

Using Psychic Reiki to receive psychic information

As I learned to do Reiki on others, I realized I was picking up so much psychic information for the client. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should share the information, so I asked my guides what to share. My clients were so appreciative I gave them the information and left with more than just a Reiki treatment.

The information I receive for my clients might have to do with blocks in their energy, past life memories, messages from loved ones who have passed, life path changes, just to name a few. Once you know what might be blocking you from moving forward or from success, it is easier to move it out of the way!

The Psychic Reiki attunement is separate from the other Reiki attunements. Click here for more information on Psychic Reiki!

Psychic Reiki Attunement for Current Reiki Practitioners – you receive the psychic reiki attunement and activation. We will practice using our activation with each other.

Reiki I – you receive one healing symbol to use on yourself and others and open your psychic channels
You will be able to start your own Reiki healing practice after the first class!

Reiki II – you receive two more healing symbols to help heal emotional/mental issues and to be able to do long distance healings. Your connection to Source increases exponentially with each symbol.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) — this step prepares you for Master Teacher training and gives you the attunement for a very power symbol used to amplify Reiki energy

Master Teacher Training — you will be attuned with the Teacher symbol and taught how to attune others.

Prices for Psychic Reiki Classes:

Reiki I $150
Reiki II $200
Advanced Psychic Reiki Training (IIIa) $275
Master Teacher Training (IIIb) $400
Reiki IIIa and IIIb discounted price $600 — pay for both at once and save $75
Psychic Reiki for Current Reiki Practitioners $77
Heart Centered Reiki $55

A $25 deposit is required to hold your spot in the class and, of course will be taken off the total due.

Next Class:

When: Saturday, July 14th
Where: Loveland, CO
Cost: $150 ($25 deposit required to hold spot)

Classes are ongoing. Please click here to express interest in other Reiki classes!