Psychic Kids

Instructor: Sarina Baptista

Psychic Training for Kids
Age Level for Training Series: 9yrs – 14yrs

The Spirit In Me — Level One
We will talk about spirit and what that means. We are all energy and we have more ability to protect our energy, clean our energy and send our energy to others than we realize. Parents are encouraged to stay, but are not required to do so.

  • What is energy? Defining lower and higher energies. Keeping other energies out of your energy
  • Spirit – Identifying the difference between those who have crossed and those who have not. How to handle those who have not
  • Angels and Guides

Cost for Program: $40 per child. Additional Siblings – $30 each.

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Using The Tools Indepth — Level Two

  • Angels and Guides – Review
  • The different ways we experience Spirit What are your gifts?
  • Using the tools

Cost for Program: $40 per child. Additional Siblings – $30 each..

More Tools for Your Tool belt — Level Three

  • Crystals for connection and protection
  • Essential Oils

Cost for Program: $40 per child. Additional Siblings – $30 each.

Practice makes a Better Psychic — Level Four

  • Being there — Understanding who you are talking to
  • Practice Makes a Better Psychic

Cost for Program: $40 per child. Additional Siblings – $30 each.

Taking it to a Higher Level — Level Five

  • Reiki – Reiki Attunement and instruction on Reiki Energy

Cost for Program: $55 per child

Please note: If your child feels a spirit is following him/her and is not sure what to do, please contact me right away. This is especially important if the spirit is menacing or causing you or your child to feel tired or uneasy.

Teen Psychic Class

Ages 13 – 17

Our teens today have so many innate abilities. They are often misunderstood by their teachers and peers. This class gives psychic teens an opportunity to know they are not alone and learn very practical tools for working with these abilities.

What is energy?
Whose energy is whose? Learning to keep others out of our energy
Is Anyone There? An introduction to your guides and helpers
Reaching for the Sky: Using our gifts to connect with our helpers

Cost: $50 per student