Reiki Attunement for Accessing Akashic Records

We encourage everyone to attend one of our Reiki classes to learn how to heal yourself and others with this beautiful Universal Life Force Energy. We also understand that might not be the direction you want to go, but you still want to access your Akashic Records. The Record Keepers and Reiki Master Guides have given us a special Reiki Attunement for this class so you can still participate without having any Reiki certifications.

The attunement will give you the necessary Reiki symbol for accessing the Akashic Records, and another special Akashic Records symbol to aide in your connection with the Record Keepers.

What is an attunement? An attunement is the process by which Reiki symbols are infused with your energy. The symbols raise your vibration and energetic level permanently, which helps you get to that space to connect with your Divine Helpers and the Record Keepers (those energies who watch over the Akashic Records for all of us).

Receiving this particular Reiki attunement will not make you a Reiki practitioner (we have classes for that if that calls to you!), but it will fulfill the requirement to have been attuned to the proper symbol for the class.

The cost of the attunement is $50. The process takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and should be done at least 24 hours in advance of the class (more is better!). Please complete the form below if you would like to have this attunement done. You can also register for the Accessing the Akashic Records class to save your spot.